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The Different Options in A Planet Eclipse EAX Marker

Planet Eclipse arrived on the scene in 2008 with a mission to provide an alternative to Etek and Tippman paintball guns. It has been a success due to several key features such as a shorter length of barrel that is easily concealable in a bag, and the ability to use an electronic charging system. Planet Eclipse is also one of the few manufacturers of "electric paintball markers" (and indeed the only one on the market). This technology has been borrowed from the world of paintballing and allows the user to take apart their marker and change the firing system inside. The result is an affordable, high quality marker that has a range of added capabilities.

So what makes this paintball gun so different? Planet Eclipse claims that their latest model has over three times the distance per barrel that the etek used to have. They also boast about having a system that reduces the muzzle flash while still maintaining a high muzzle energy. This means that you get more firing power, but at lower recoil. Planet Eclipse says that the company's new design is called the "Varmint" and that it uses a combination of materials that includes carbon fibers, stainless steel, and titanium.

The etek was the primary competition for the Planet Eclipse LV1 paintball marker when it first arrived on the scene. The biggest problem with this marker was that it was very large, clunky, and awkward to use and handle. The gun also tended to jam quite a bit as well, and it had a poor range. The LV1 also came with a very steep price tag that put it out of the reach of many average paintballers. https://bestreviews.tips/planet-eclipse-paintball-markers_808595/ In fact, many people considered it to be beyond their paintballing budget.

Planet Eclipse however solved some of these problems by designing the LV-1 with a new valve design known as the "gamma core drivetrain". The gamma core drivetrain allows the use of a small amount of engine oil which lubricates the motor and its internal parts. It also allows the use of Epsom salt, which increases the flow of air and gasoline into the gun. This combination allows the user to use a much smaller amount of motor oil, which allows for a significant increase in shot characteristics and reliability.

The new etek is equipped with a top-notch dual needle tip, which is made out of brass. The tip has been calibrated for larger diameters of paintball. Because the needle is so close to the surface of the barrel, the high end marker is extremely accurate and stable. The marker also has a high torque, so you can expect maximum performance from it in all situations. The gtek 170r is equipped with a high speed spring loaded red rubber boot.

If accuracy is what you are looking for in a marker, the GeoIV might be perfect for you. The GeoIV is equipped with a high level of reliability and speed. The GeoIV is an all plastic construction, making it highly reliable and able to handle repeated use. The GeoIV is a fully loaded marker with a nice high quality scope and a heavy duty hopper. The GeoIV is also compatible with most vacuums and air compressors, making it a good value for the money.

If accuracy is what you are looking for, then the Eclipse Gold is what you need. The Gold utilizes a sealed barrel system with a bolt guide. The sealed barrel system is great because it eliminates the need for an inner liner which can warp and crack during use. Because the Eclipse Gold uses a sealed system, there is no need for an outer bolt or any other type of mechanism to prevent dust or debris from getting into the marker. The gold is also highly durable, making it a good investment for any serious marker user.

Another unique feature on the Eclipse Gold is the exhaust valve. The exhaust valve has a ball joint which makes it more efficient and prevents less force from reaching the tip of the nozzle. This means that the amount of thrust that reaches the target is higher, leading to better overall accuracy.
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